Friday, July 10, 2020

French Nuns Cross Bracelets

More Arriving Soon!
Our favorite Nuns Cross Bracelets have arrived and will keep you inspired throughout your day. A great layering piece and a piece I wear everyday. The artist used actual antique Nun's cross pendants and recast them into this beautiful piece of art. A special and wonderful gift at $80.00 each.🕊🙏🤍

Inspired by the French Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Georgian era art and design movements, each piece she designs features the imperfect beauty, faded elegance and the time worn patina she admires. One of southern California’s most sought after jewelry designers, her one of a kind pieces are avidly collected by women with their own sense of style, who are leaders in fashion, not followers. Her jewelry is classic, elegant, trendy, without ever becoming passé.