Wednesday, March 10, 2021

🐰🐥Bunnies & Chicks

Some bunny will love you if you take them a sweet colorful fluffy chick or one of our new wool bunnies! These are so cute worked in your Easter table or a sweet Spring gift! Wool Spotted Bunnies $19.95 Fluffy Chicks $10.95

This gorgeous Spring table with whites and yellows is so sweet with a few little you see them??These adorable little wool Rabbits are a great addition to Easter celebrations as well as adding Spring touches to you home! Iris, Ivy, and Hazel are the cutest bunnies come pick one or two out!!

The cutest Easter basket is filled with our artisan mug, a fluffy yellow chick, and freshly ground coffee. Tied with yellow tulips!! Our chicks, wool bunnies, and velveteen rabbits are so much fun!