Friday, May 28, 2021

Elisir d'Olivo

Smell heavenly and pretend you are in Italy! The best scent for summertime and wraps up as a beautiful gift! Our favorite extra virgin olive oil products from Tuscany have arrived to restore and hydrate yourself!! Available in new facial products in refreshing cleansing milk and purifying facial scrub. The olive complex body balm, shower gel, foot cream, and hand cream will soothe and comfort. Also restocked on Bacche Di Tuscia & Black Pepper.
Olive Complex (Elisir d'Olivo) - Personal Skincare Line with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, Italy. The entire Olive Complex skin care products features the beneficial properties of using real Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – strong nourishment, moisturizing, and healing properties. The facial skin care line contain OLEA-TECH the exclusive multifunction complex 100% derived from active molecules from the Olive tree that provides:
compactness, rejuvenation, luminosity.
Tuscia Berries: The mystery of an ancient region. Tuscia Berries is a vigorous and sensual fragrance. Its contrasting character, inspired by the woods, is magisterially orchestrated in a bold confrontation between fruity, woody and resinous notes.
Black Pepper: The sensuality of its woody and amber scented notes, carry the exotic appeal of far-off countries. Black Pepper, forever renown as the "King of spices", has an intense captivating fragrance ideal for the active and dynamic man. Its warm and sensual tones give a pleasant sensation of wellbeing.