Thursday, May 6, 2021

Nuns Cross Bracelets 🙏

Our favorite nuns cross bracelets have developed a new inspirational story that makes us love them even more! $84.00 each
“For many years now, The first thing I put on every morning and the last thing I took off every night was a silver bracelet of crosses with the names and decades old dates of young girls who had dreams of a handsome suitor, a cottage with a picket fence and babies, lots of babies, but put those dreams aside to become nuns, to live their lives following and loving Jesus and serving their communities. I am not a Catholic but that bracelet, those names so inspired me every day to love Jesus more. When I had the wreck that bracelet was ripped off my arm, it was such a part of me even in pain i missed it. As the days passed I asked Paul if he would go to the wrecking yard and look in my shell of a demolished car for my beloved bracelet. He, being my hero, went to Amarillo and with great emotional anguish looked for that bracelet, the last thing he wanted to do was see the car I was cut out of, all he found was the little dangling charm. It is precious to me... life is precious to me... those nuns are precious to me.”