Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Rose Gold Juicer and Molcajetes🥑🎉

Let’s have a party!! Restock on our rose gold juicer and molcajetes...Awesome summer gifting! The use of molcajetes stretches back thousands of years. Made of volcanic rock, this Mexican-made mortar and pestle makes unmatched guacamole, salsas and oven-baked dishes. Traditional tortilla warming basket included. Made in Mexico 
A larger version of our bestselling countertop juicer, this citrus juicer is made of recycled aluminum by talented artisans in Mexico. It is based on the citrus juicers you'll see all over markets in Central America, but ours is highly polished and finished in a modern copper/rose gold detail. This size is perfect for larger citrus fruits like grapefruits and navel oranges, and will look beautiful on your countertop for generations to come.