Saturday, January 29, 2022

Semi-Precious Rings💜

Happy Friday! Falling in love with these kingman turquoise heart rings, raw purple chunky amethyst, shimmering red garnet, pink opal, and raw ruby copper rings. Each semi-precious nugget is electroformed with pure copper, creating the perfect everyday ring with an edge. Pick your favorites and stack them! Made in USA.
Each ring is handmade with love and customized with care in sunny Arizona. Each and every gemstone and crystal is hand-picked and sourced ethically, utilizing stones from local Arizona mines whenever possible. Inspired by these beautiful gifts from the earth, these designs create meaningful pieces that can be lovingly layered and combined and serve as gentle reminders for us all to stay connected to love every day.
SOLD OUT (More on the way) Kingman Turquoise Heart Ring $62.95
Chunky Purple Amethyst Ring $52.95
Chunky Raw Red Garnet Ring $52.95
Pink Opal Ring $42.95
Raw Red Ruby Ring $42.95
*If looking for particular birthstone we are able to order more unique stones just come in for ring sizing.