Saturday, March 26, 2022

Navajo Blossoms🌸

Wear a Navajo blossom around your neck this Spring. Love our blossom bead pendants formed out of a silver liberty mercury dimes. These go perfectly with our new delicate Navajo pearl, turquoise, freshwater pearl, and spiny coral necklaces.
Sterling Liberty Dime Blossom Pendant $138.00 each
Turquoise Silver Blossom Pendant $106.00 each 
The Navajo word for the squash blossom bead is "yo ne maze disyagi," which means simply "bead that spreads out" and does not relate at all to squash or pomegranate blossoms. Some say they have more to do with pomegranate-shaped ornaments of the Spanish which were impressed upon the Navajo while others say they were inspired by the local squash blossom which was a very important and widespread crop for the Navajo. Then of course, there is the gemstone, turquoise which does hold a special place to the Navajo. turquoise is simply a bringer of good fortune. The Navajo would store it in baskets or hang it from the ceilings to ward off evil in the home, and they would surround the exteriors of homes or graves with it for the same reason. In its simplest meaning, warriors would carry it to battle for strength and protection, hunters would bring it on excursions to promote luck and safety. Tribespeople would give it as gifts or symbols of kinship.