Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Spring Coffee☕️🥥

Start your spring break out right with freshly ground coffee this week. New flavors such as Hawaiian Hazelnut, Coconut Creme, Almond Amaretto, Apricot Creme, Creme Brûlée and Jamaican Me Crazy make the shop kitchen smell scrumptious! Family-operated business in the USA.

Hawaiian Hazelnut: Best Seller. A rush of hazelnut and coconut flavor with subtle tropical undertones.
Coconut Creme: The smooth taste of Vanilla creme blended with the tropical taste of coconut makes this coffee a “”vacation at home”.
Almond Amaretto: Best Seller. Traditional sharp character of Amaretto coupled with almond notes.
Apricot Creme: One of our most popular coffees, the flavor of apricot transcends that Just Picked Flavor!
Creme Brûlée: The taste of rich vanilla custard intertwined with sweet spice – just like the Italian dessert.
Jamaican Me Crazy: Kahlua and Vanilla Creme combined with the sweetness of creamy caramel make this coffee a delectable treat.