Friday, July 1, 2022

Solar Lanterns Restocked-Copper, Turquoise, Cream🌝

Solar Lanterns are restocked in gorgeous copper, turquoise, and cream! Add a beautiful patterned glow to your patio! Vintage and lacy, the Stella Oval is a vivid emerald color with intricate wagon wheel punch, sure to bring a touch of opulence to any backyard getaway. Big, bold, and delicate, our Boho Globes have a dramatic effect and pairs well with the Stella Solar Lanterns. Made of durable Tyvek material these lanterns are tough enough to show off their lacy beauty outdoors all year round.
Solar Lanterns are equipped with one AAA rechargeable battery, solar panel, dual white LED lights and stainless steel hardware. Can accordion-close flat for easy storage or gift wrapping. Designed for outdoor use. $48.95 Each.