Friday, January 13, 2023

Pink Apple Blossom Amaryllis🌸

****A Few Left....More Arriving Next Week Wednesday January 25th*****
Call for us to hold 806-293-3588
Guess what we are unboxing today? Pink wax dipped Apple Blossom Amaryllis for Valentines & Spring. I have enjoyed my red amaryllis so much on my dining table I can’t wait to take a couple of these home to enjoy for spring they will bloom through Easter so pretty! Let us wrap one up for you! The Blooms will be Pink….
Waxed Amaryllis bulbs do not require any water because the bulbs contain all the water and nutrients they need to flower. Simply place them on a tabletop or any other flat surface in your home. They make for great hearth and centerpiece decoration and are equally wonderful to give as gifts!
These spectacular flowers don't need potting soil or heavy care – everything they need is contained in the wax bulb they are delivered in, including their water supply. 
Once in your home or office, you can leave these Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs just as they are, and have a perfectly placed plant that needs no watering, no direct sunlight, and still looks great. They will literally bloom right in front of your very eyes.