Friday, June 2, 2023

Margaritas & Bloody Marys for Summertime🍹

Fill one of our large old wooden trugs with a new arrival of our Bloody Mary mix and all the fixings for the dad’s in your life. Also our absolute favorite margarita mix and rim salt has also arrived just in time for summer sipping! Made in the USA.
The world's most award-winning bloody mary, already made for you! Produced with our very own fire-roasted tomato juice recipe. Mix with new Bloody Mary seasoning…fourteen all-natural ingredients, masterfully balanced for one perfect bloody mary the original flavor. Perfect balance of worcestershire, black & red peppers, lemon juice, fresh grated horseradish, touch of garlic, & a few secrets! This blend of hawaiian sea salts, smoked salts, pepper, celery seed and a few secrets let’s you hang on to the plain ol’ kosher salt for the margaritas!
Celebrate with our new margarita mix and pomegranate-pineapple-lime rimshot salt!
A great-tasting, all-natural margarita doesn't always have to be made from scratch thanks to our new fresh margarita mixes. Made without preservatives, gluten or high fructose corn syrup, and designed for people who seek premium-quality cocktails.
Pineapple, pomegranate, lime rimshot salt has a touch of chili pepper for flavor-pop. It's amazingly tasty and looks killer on the rim of a margarita!
*** THE STORY OF THE PERFECT BLOODY MARY MIXES BEGINS WHERE MANY BLOODY MARYS DO — WITH A BARTENDER, AND A PASSION. In 1988, working at the popular jazz club, The New Orleans Restaurant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, Demitri Pallis was frustrated at the inconsistent flavor and quality of his bar’s Bloody Marys. Like in many establishments, from bartender to bartender, day to day, a customer couldn’t count on consistent and delicious Bloody Mary recipes. Demitri set out on a journey in mixology that would change the course of his life. So one day when he just couldn’t take it anymore, Demitri set out on a journey in mixology that would change the course of his life.