Wednesday, July 12, 2023

New Hobnails...Pear, Blackberry, Apple Spice🍐💜 🍓

Restock on a best seller for summertime…fresh batch of hobnails have arrived and will fill your kitchen with scents of fresh baked apple pie, prickly pear, and fresh ripe blackberries. These are also always beautiful wrapped up as a gift as well!
NO. 25 PEAR HOBNAIL…Prickly Pear has crisp green pear notes fused with juicy lime notes and finished with woody musk.
 NO. 16 BLACKBERRY CURRANT…Ripe blackberries are paired with wild rose and blackcurrant, grounded by rich vanilla and musky amber.
 NO. 57 JOHNNY APPLE SPICE HOBNAIL…Fresh and authentic, this delightful scent is sweet and smooth with a touch of spice that is great year-round for a fresh baked apple pie appeal.