Thursday, July 13, 2023

Vintage Inspired Goods

A truck pulled up yesterday afternoon in the hot Texas sun and we sweated and toiled to get all these wonderful goods inside! It was worth it they are wonderful!!! Vintage and inspired goods…antique harvest baskets, turkish dough bowls, turkish hay forks, and metal olive baskets are so unique. Antique rustic shutters, european watering cans, wicker covered wine bottles, olive jars, and large cutting boards are so fun & creative to use in your home. The large metal olive basket could be lined with cocoa fiber and make wonderful planters. Shutters are fabulous framing out a kitchen hutch or used as doors. African beads have arrived assorted and so neat to hang over your favorite jug or lay across a coffee table. The reclaimed wooden kitchen island is fabulous. Stop by to see all the goodies they are going!!