Thursday, May 30, 2024

Glitter Saints Magnolia Pearl

Happiness and Love today opening a new box of Magnolia Pearl. The small details of patches, mending, and beautiful color combination of each garment always amazes us. A box of "soul" each and every piece. Stop by Friday to see, feel, and touch...and try on. 
We can't wait for the release of her new book Glitter Saints-The Cosmic Art of Forgiveness by Robin Brown to be released June12th.
"Come. Sit with me now. We’ll gaze at the falling sun as it grazes this horizon for I want to talk about simple nothings and silent stirrings, and wild things with someone who means everything."

"Robin has mastered the art of storytelling through clothing - using garments and accessories as an artist would use paint and canvas. 
Through Magnolia Pearl’s designs, she respects the would-be forgotten fragments, giving them new life and meaning.”
- Johnny Depp, Actor and Artist