Thursday, May 23, 2024

Serving Shimmering Strawberry Sangria Today!🍓

Stop by for a Shimmering Strawberry Sangria Friday May 24th from 2-6 to celebrate summer and sample our new Glitter Sangria mix. The shop is filled with seasonal inspiration & fun items! We would love to visit and show you all of our new finds!
Our fan-favorite Sangria Mixer has a glow up with edible glitter! The tangerine, strawberry, and peach flavors are sweet and summery, and the glitter is the cherry on top!
Most sangria mixers are just cloudy orange juice concentrate and a bit of added flavors. For us, we use peach and strawberry concentrate along with clarified tangerine concentrate to get a smooth and luscious sangria mixer that is a lovely color. Just mix one cup of our mixer with one bottle of red wine, or put a dash into any cocktail that needs some added fruit flavors. It’s great for making wine slushies as well.