Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Ol' Burlap

We have been using burlap quite a bit in displays as well table-toppers, runners, placemats and anything you can think of. It's pretty for Spring and easy and inexpensive to use-great to wrap around clay pots, or to use as a table-topper on an outside table-it has many uses!

Burlap is a woven cloth created from jute, hemp or flax fibers. These plants are not known for their silky or cottony textures, so the result is a coarse fabric with a large weave pattern and natural beige coloring. Burlap is often used to form storage bags for grains, potatoes and other bulky materials. Burlap bags can be imprinted with rudimentary logos or trademarks to help identify their contents. The actual meaning of the word burlap is a bit of a mystery, but some sources also refer to it as Hessian cloth.

We love the look of this finished tablecloth on this table! The possibilities are endless...