Sunday, October 30, 2011

To Market To Market

"Pre-done arrangements with cedar bases with big pods of ginger with a fall flair. Looking forward to creating my own for our "little cabin" to enjoy as we float down the Danube."

"We arrived late afternoon but still made it to the open air market...fresh fruit and fall vegetables being the center of attraction. Mounds of truffles and precious truffle oil being the star of the parade...surrounded by every mushroom God ever made! Flower tempting....gradiose red berries on thicky stems, bundles of rosehips, freshly cut cedars, boxwood wreaths. Roses in the most shocking oranges....fresh roses in chartreuse tinged with fushia. My hands were sweating....what shall I choose?"

"German Christmas shops to explore along with all the distinct taste and flavors of German cuisine....warm, crispy pretzels to grilled sausages with golden mustards...."

An afternoon drive thru the German meadows with round bales of hay framed out by dense fall Nuremberg, Germany.