Monday, April 27, 2015

Handmade Woven Crystal Bracelets...

Daughter, sister, mother, professional, play girl, business woman, cover model, glam diva, power house, and even grocery shopper...Rose understands the demands of navigating life as a modern woman. 
Mother of three, wife, entrepreneur and artist, Rose values versatility and the ability to shift seamlessly and gracefully from one role to the next. Her creative and professional passion? Designing jewelry and accessories that speak to the complexity of daily life.

Rose applies the same principles that made her successful in interiors to her line of custom jewelry: being with yourself is a place you should love to be. Since her childhood weaving bracelets beside her grandmother, Rose has spent her life exploring a robust lexicon in color, texture, flow and pattern.

From your most elaborate look, to your purest form...

From boho-chic, to opulent luxe...these are perfect and simple gifts for Mother's Day and Graduation as well!

 Mix and match them...easy and simple to wear and a great price at $23.95 each.
Come pick yours out today as a pick me up, a sweet gift, or just because!
Each bracelet line is handmade with crystals, metal, leather or charms...