Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We have a mouse problem...

 We don't think we have seen anything cuter than these matchbox and cigar box mice! Handmade with love and so unique your little sweetie will think they are quite special! Grandmother approved so tuck your little mouse in at night and shut the matchbox for a good night's sleep!
We now have collected the mom, dad, little girl mouse, and baby brother at our house...sweet mementos to keep for years to come!
Mom and Dad Mouse are living large! They come dressed to the nines complete with hair accessories on Mom and suspenders on Dad. They live in a super cool Cigar Box.

Little Sister is super stylish wearing a floral dress with a bow tie on her shoulder. She even has pattered checkered stockings on… so cute!
Oh, just look at Little Brother Mouse with his delightful details from nose to tail. He lives in his matchbox and sleeps on quilted bedding.
Comes with matchbox, pillow, and bedding.