Monday, October 12, 2020

Fall Consuela Bags🌈

🌈New Fall Consuela Totes have arrived which is your favorite new pattern? Loving the new Serape tote! These make perfect Christmas gifts and the prices are great!! WHAT MAKES IT RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME?
🌼Our Basic Grab-n-Go Bag holds a ton and can be easily folded into your everyday bag, stashed under your car seat, or thrown in the grocery cart. Use this unlined utility tote as a beach bag, gym bag or carry-all; the options are endless! 🌺Our Mini Grab-n-Go Bag is perfect for carrying your lunch or giving gifts and folds easily to fit inside your everyday bag. This unlined utility tote in easy-to-clean ConsuelaCloth™ is the smallest of our Grab-n-Go favorites.