Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Lushly Embroidered Tops & Graphic Maxi Dress

Summer is sweet with super soft, lushly embroidered tops in black, white, and charcoal with the loveliest drape. A garden of embroidery in bright and cheerful colors we love these! The perfect price too! S, M, L.
Embroidery Charcoal Top $38.95
Embroidery Sheer Polka Dot Black $38.95
Embroidery White Top $36.95

Summer daydreams come to life in our new maxi dress with embroidered blooms or faded graphic tee dress. So comfy and cool for sunny days ahead!
Embroidered Maxi Dress $49.95 S, M, L
Soft Graphic Tee Dress $52.95 S/M & M/L