Friday, May 27, 2022

Summertime Flavors🍑🍓🌶

Sweet summertime is full of flavor and these are our favorite jams. Bellini Jam sweet, ripe white peaches with sparkling white Italian wine to create this unique and tasty Bellini Jam. Seedless Raspberry Jam… Few can resist the unique sweetness of red, ripe raspberries; so juicy and so full of flavor. Your sandwiches, scones, muffins, pound cake and more will come to life.  Made with big chunks of sweet, sun-ripened strawberries, our classic Strawberry Jam turns a traditional PB&J into a delectable treat. Spoon it over ice cream, pound cake, shortbread or scones. 
 This Hot Pepper Peach Jam is a twist on our traditional pepper jellies. We started with juicy peaches and added hot peppery spices to create a mellow jam that ends in a bite of spice. This jam tastes great as an appetizer when combined with cheese, it is also great on cornbread and when used for cooking sauces.