Saturday, June 11, 2022

Turquoise Naja🌻

Our three favorite pieces in our jewelry case…large sterling turquoise bracelet, Naja turquoise pendant, and cross ring. Designed by a famous Native American artist originally from Arizona, who now lives in New Mexico. He was introduced to pottery, carving and jewelry making as he was growing up in Arizona, and that is where the seed of self expression was first planted. This artist uses his art as a his own personal method of self expression, inspired by the things in his past and the love he feels for his family. 
Chimney's jewelry is always stunning, and his style is wonderfully unique, combining cutting edge technology with the tradition of the Southwest. We have Lay Away please feel free to ask. Come try on these beauties!
It is pronounced Na-Ja and is the shape of a crescent, as seen throughout the history of man on cave walls, coats of armor and flags. The crescent can be interpreted as many symbols in many cultures. Because of its' association with the moon, it is therefore associated with the alchemy symbol of silver. 
The 17th century Navajo Indians, hammered these crescents to adorn as jewelry. In the Native American culture it is a symbol of the the spiritual aspects of femininity, such as intuition, creativity and wisdom. 
With the arrival of the Spanish, came the Moorish symbols seen as a horse bridle ornament to ward off the evil eye for horse and rider. Native Americans adopted the crescent as a horse headstall.The hands seen on some Najas are the "hands of Fatima", known in Moorish history. 
Stones began being added after the 1880's. 
Najas are the main focal point of the Squash Blossom necklace.