Monday, February 13, 2023

Can you hear the ocean??🐚💗

More pink conch has arrived today just in time to celebrate your love! Each stone is cut and shaped by hand and each piece signed & handcrafted by Navajo artisans. We are in love with the old style navajo pink conch bracelets and naja pendants. Timeless pieces and true heirloom quality we are in love!
Did you know that 1 in 10,000 conch shells produce a single pink pearl that is prized? The conch species live in tropical waters throughout the world, including the Caribbean, West Indies, and the Mediterranean. They live in relatively shallow waters, including reef and seagrass habitats. A queen conch can grow to be over a foot long and can live for as long as 30 years—other species have been known to live to 40 or more. The Queen Conch has a large, spiral shell often lined in pink. The conch's mantle, a thin layer of tissue located between the body and the shell, creates the shell. The conch builds the hard shell from calcium carbonate that it extracts from the seas. One of the most famous musical instruments was found in Marsoulas cave the Pyrenees Mountains, in France in 1932. CT scans showed how ancient humans adapted the Concho to make it a musical instrument, such as creating a mouthpiece that was held together by an organic matter with clay. In the Aztec culture, the conch played an important role in rituals, war, art, music, mythology, festivals, and even the calendar.