Monday, February 13, 2023

New Cherries Jubilee coffee☕️🍒

Saturday morning’s are great sipping on a cup of our new Cherries Jubilee coffee…freshly ground it smells so heavenly! A delicate, sweet cherry flavored coffee combined with fragrant pieces of Seville orange. Irish Cream, Highlander Grogg, & Jamaican Me Crazy beans have also arrived and our favorite Cinnamon Chocolate Almond. Do you know the health benefits to drinking coffee? It is amazing and so interesting…
Coffee beans have over 100 biologically active compounds. These substances can help improve mood & cognitive function, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, boost metabolism, inhibit the gut’s absorption of fat and block receptors known to be involved with abnormal heart rhythms.
If you love coffee's ability to get you going in the morning, rest easy. You’re probably receiving health benefits along with your caffeine fix.
From diversifying your gut microbiome to lowering the risk of some conditions — coffee is a beloved beverage with plenty of perks.