Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Joan of Arc Saint Candle🌸

Saint Candles fill the whole store with the most heavenly fragrance. Joan of Arc Saint Candle & Parisan Peony & Turkish Rose holy oil perfume is perfect for Mother’s Day. Our favorite candles are restocked and these make incredible gifts. Candles & scents that remind you of the smells walking through old stucco churches in Santa Fe so enchanting.
Burn the Saint Joan of Arc candle with the intention to dwell in possibility. Let the fragrance of smooth Jasmine and warm Oud be a reminder that you can go as far as your mind lets you. Saint Joan of Arc is a heroine remembered for her courage and fearless pursuit of her destiny. Born as a peasant girl in 1412, Joan knew from an early age that she was destined for greatness. Around age twelve, she began receiving messages from the Divine, urging her to lead a pious life as the designated savior of France. By eighteen, Joan successfully led the French army in a victory which enabled King Charles VII to be crowned king once more, saving France from English takeover. Joan was at King Charles VII's side and remained an important leader of the French army until her capture and ultimate death. After Joan's death, King Charles VII ordered an investigation that declared Joan of Arc to be officially innocent of all charges and designated a martyr.
SAINT JUDE Saint of Impossible Causes Vanilla, Sandalwood, Rose, Pepper.
TURKISH ROSE: Heavenly notes of Sandalwood, Holy Oil, and Agarwood are best described as the scent of walking through an old ancient adobe church. A must have scent for every woman.
Parisan Peony: Top Note: Cherries Mid Note: Vanilla Base Note: Amber
Prayer Candles for a cause. Each SAINT Candle comes with a prayer to the patron saint, holy oil as part of the wax (blessed by both a priest and a rabbi), and an Italian prayer coin embedded into the candle honoring the patron saint which reveals itself once the candle has burned down.
10% of all SAINT Candles sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support their lifesaving mission: Finding cures. Saving children.