Friday, May 14, 2010

May You Walk In Beauty

Laser-etched purple Kingman turquoise dragonfly and Kingman turquoise vinatge collection Navajo bracelets-new for summer! Rocki Gorman is the daughter of Fran and Peggy Gorman. Although she was born in Bayonne, New Jersey her heart and soul has always been in the West. Rocki’s first trip to the West was in a 1960 VW Bug on Route 66. The 4 year old was simply amazed by the vast, beautiful colors of the wild, wild west.
Fran Gorman, her father, went north to Tonapah and there began mining Turquoise. Traveling back East the trading bug bit her parents and the selling, buying, and trading of Turquoise began. Opening the very first American Indian jewelry store in New Jersey, her Mother had an eye for only the best quality Indian jewelry. Traveling back West twice a year, it became clear to Rocki that the love of color and stones was growing for her. At the age of 7 years old she created her very first piece of jewelry and sold it in her parent’s store for $10.00.
Rocki attended the Toby Colburn School of Design in the Village in New York during the 1980s. It was at that time she sold her wild feather jewelry and crazy designs to Bloomingdales and to the stylist for the Soaps, “One Life to Live” and “All My Children.” Rocki was proudly a licensed street vendor who sold in New York’s Greenwich Village and on the campus of Columbia University. She is an award winning artist who also dabbled in the art of creating gourds into creatures and people. Together with her mother Peggy, they designed and sold antiqued blouses reminiscent to the Victorian days to many boutiques. They also designed lamb suede bikinis and wool wraps that adorned many stars who appeared in Atlantic City.
Today Rocki’s true passion shines through her Native American made creations employing Navajo silversmiths and continuing a long standing tradition of quality, hand made, American made jewelry with sterling silver and assorted gem stones. Her designs are contemporary and geographically comfortable from Maine to California. Rocki’s jewelry has been seen on many stars and she most recently designed for Hillary Duff for the magazine “Cowboys & Indians.”
Rocki’s mission is simple, “Quality, hand made, proudly American creations for everyone to enjoy.”
“May you walk in beauty!”