Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to be particularly grateful and honor those who have fought for our country, paying the price with their lives. This is what the day means to some of our local veterans and soldiers:
"The first thing you think of is your friends and shipmates that have gone by, that you've lost. What comes to my mind is the Thresher because we had a lot of Albacore shipmates that we knew on there. We even had two shipmates that left our submarine and went to the Thresher just a short time before it went down. One of them I joined the Navy with. That's the first thing you think of. The people that are gone. The heroes that are gone."
— Norman Bower of Kingston, U.S. Navy veteran, served on USS Albacore for nearly 10 years

These dancers are descendants of the Aztecs. They are doing a ceremonial dance at the Taos Pueblos.

They're costumes were fantastic! Love those pheasant feathers and concho belt!

At the end of a Memorial Day weekend and returning home our cherry tree is full of produce. The picking begins...and so does summer.