Friday, May 14, 2010

Rocki Gorman Silver Collection

Cover photo: Model is wearing large cross with a Hopi Star in the center. All hand stamped and the Navajo buttons are hand made as well.
Large Repose fancy stamped cuff from the Vintage Collection. Navajo-made, this bracelet truly replicates the look of days gone by yet is a perfect accent for any occasion.
Two-Dimensional cuff with the Hopi Star in the center surrounded by Crossed paths.
The beads are antiqued sterling silver, come in a variety of sizes and lengths, and play very nicely with all of their collections.
Hopi Star earrings are a perfect compliment to this vintage collection and are fancy stamped and accented with Navajo buttons and dangle down from a crossed path.
Fancy stamped stackable bangles are perfect for any occasion.
1950's Repose concho belt. Wool blend serape Shawl by Rhonda Stark.