Friday, July 2, 2010

New Rocki Gorman In!

Don't you love all of this silver together-we do! New in is the large Navajo heart/cross pendant on the "Tres Platos" three stand sterling silver beaded necklace. We also have the necklace in the large sterling beads as well. The silver drop earrings are just beautiful mixed with all of this! Love the vintage style Rocki turquoise Navajo bracelet mixed in...
Rocki Gorman Silver Drop Earrings $90.00, Rocki Gorman Bracelet $252.00, Rocki Gorman Heart/Cross Pendant $200.00, Rocki Gorman three strand necklace $395.00, Rocki Gorman Large one strand necklace $395.00.
These Kingman turquoise earring are wonderful with the hand stamping and extra-large conchos. What a statement they make!
Rocki Gorman Concho Earrings $300.00
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