Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Birthday Party

We had our seasonal birthday party for employees at the shop. They are so much fun! Here is the table set outside on the deck. The sunflowers were just beautiful!
Here is a close up of the center with large sunflower leaves tucked in the center...

Never underestimate the gifts of nature. Sometimes beauty can be found right outside your back door (or next to a cotton field).

Here are all the girls at the table-We enjoy not being able to see everyone at the table we just listen as we talk. And stare at the huge beautiful sunflowers.
Here are the birthday girls and all of the wonderfully wrapped gifts. What a party...

Leopard with burlap ribbon-so creative!

Chocolate paper with brown mesh ribbon-love what is tied in the bow!
And this number is completely swallowed in burlap with a nest-Could it get any better?