Friday, July 2, 2010

Rocki Gorman New Black Onyx Jewelry

This Rocki Gorman black onyx would be gorgeous for late Summer and Fall-It seems to dress anything up! Love these two onyx crosses with the large concho earrings. The faceted onyx and silver beaded necklace is fabulous with either of these pendants.
Rocki Gorman Onyx Concho Earrings $150.00, Rocki Gorman Large Onyx Cross 272.00, Rocki Gorman Silver/Onyx Cross $185.00, Rocki Gorman Necklace $192.00
Notice we also have in the double concho onyx drop and silver stamped onyx warrior earrings. Also in is a new oval hand-stamped sterling pendant on this stamped silver choker. Can't you see these mixed with a black dress or dark denim beautiful!
Rocki Gorman Black Warrior Earrings $90.00, Rocki Gorman Double Concho Onyx Drop $145.00, Rocki Gorman Oval Silver Stamped Pendant $160.00, Rocki Gorman Silver Stamped Collar $152.00