Saturday, September 10, 2016

Contemporary Home with Pops of Color...

This home is full of color, art, and an eclectic couple who have enjoyed building their new home. She is a business woman who has a passion for fiestaware, loves family mementos, and is drawn to color...he is a civil war reenactment actor and has a love of history and hunting. We had the pleasure of helping put together their beautiful and contemporary home...moving into a new home is just the beginning of tweaking it to be just the way you want it!

Pardon the Nazi flag but it has a great story we wanted to share...he was very proud of this flag because his stepfather served in WWII and pulled this off the wall of a concentration camp after the American soldiers shut the camp down. Lots of history and great war mementos fill this room...a reminder of how important it is to not forget our country's past. How blessed we are for the men and women that serve this great country!