Monday, May 8, 2023

Baroque Pearls🤍

We are in love with baroque pearls for Spring and so is your mother…Our favorite collection of sterling artisan pendants handmade in the USA. Beautiful detailed Madonnas, Chiefs, and Baroque Pearls can adorn your neck for the spring season. Beautiful leather, turquoise, and sterling silver details make these so very special. Inheritable pieces of art! Signed by artist.
These freshwater pearls are baroque pearls. 
Some of the most famous pearls in history have been baroque pearls. These include the Imperial Hong Kong pearl, the Hope Pearl and the pearl earring of King Charles I.
Baroque pearls are typically very lustrous thanks in part to the bumps and ridges on the pearl’s surface that interact with light differently to a perfect pearl.
Because of their unique shapes, each baroque pearl is unique and has its own personality, giving them a natural, organic look. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to find two baroque pearls that are identical. 
Baroque pearls have beautiful overtones that shimmer over the surface of the pearl. Regardless of the body color of the pearl, the irregular shape accentuates the color, adding stunning overtones and even orient.
This is because freshwater mussels aren’t bead-nucleated but are tissue nucleated. Because of this, the creature doesn’t have a ‘template’ to help it create the perfect pearl. Instead, it forms it into all shapes in an organic way.