Monday, April 8, 2024

LINNEA Lavender Rosemary, Nectar, Fields, & Citrus Grove🍑

A new Spring arrival and our most favorite luxurious lotion, bath & body line, and candles we tried and enjoyed in Tennessee at Patina Farms we can’t wait to share with you! Rosemary & Lavender Nourishing Lotion, Soap, and Aromatic Mist…the scent of glorious fields of Provence, a beloved herb garden ripe with aromas, the traveler’s quest for healing and peace. Best selling bath & body scent Cashmere drapes the skin, comforting warmth on a brisk day, memories of home with scents of chamomile, amber woods, and patchouli. If you tried at Christmas you know how wonderful this lotion and line is! Two Wick Candles are a great gift and have their own Linnea Matches in the lid.
NECTAR Candle: Climbing wild jasmine, afternoon naps under a dense canopy of trees, golden ripe fruit just out of reach. Notes of APRICOT, WILD JASMINE, WHITE MUSK….best for FEELING INVIGORATED.
FIELDS Candle: Running barefoot through an open meadow, prairies of the Heartland, golden bales of hay shimmer in the distance. Notes of CUT GRASS, LAVENDER, HAY…best for FEELING HARMONIZED OR INVIGORATED
CITRUS GROVE 2 Wick Candle: Sun-drenched citrus fruit, chilled Prosecco bubbling up, soaking in the afternoon’s sunbeams. Notes of POMELO, GINGER, WHITE MUSK…best for
Candles are handcrafted in small batches by our artisans. We use only the highest quality fragrances and essential oils designed to perfectly accent your environment with lush, memorable fragrances that refresh, purify, and inspire. Matchbox included in lid love this feature!!