Thursday, July 11, 2024

New Magnolia Pearl🌻💛🐝🌞


A brand new box of Magnolia Pearl from Fredericksburg has arrived for the month of July. Letters from home, postcards, vintage lace, clippings—and a stroll through your grandmother’s garden. You can’t help but beam with all the brightness of summer in these appliquéd distressed denims & overalls, patchwork garden boyfriend shirts sprinkled with flowers, and new summertime tees. These special garments are ornate layers for today, pieces to cherish for a lifetime.
Pick up a copy of Glitter Saints at the shop today! Can’t put down the new book written by Robin Brown of Glitter Saints: The Cosmic Art of Forgiveness, a Memoir. A gorgeous heart-opening retelling of a childhood that would’ve irreparably damaged another, but not Robin- who transforms truly heinous personal trespasses into wearable art, and words, for all.
“Everything can evolve and inspire awe but it’s got to begin in the heart. Because when you really use your heart, you can create anything from what initially seems like nothing.”
- Robin Brown, from her memoir