Thursday, July 11, 2024

Beautiful Hand-Made Collars for your Puppy🐾

Our Belle loves her new hand tooled & hand stitched leather turquoise beaded collar with a little bling added. Crafted from brown skirting leather oiled for a rich color to bring out the beautiful stamped tooling, our new leather dog collars feature a delightful turquoise beaded pattern. Each one is hand stitched and fully padded. A distinguished look for your favorite puppy with western appeal. Our new St. Francis medals are the final touch to these gorgeous collars! Love! Belle is wearing a Medium.
Beaded Tooled Leather Dog Collars $38.00 Each
St. Francis Bless & Protect My Pet $12.95 Each
Small (18.11”)
Medium (22.44”)
Large (26.77”)
XS Available