Tuesday, July 2, 2024

✨Glitter Saints: The Cosmic Art of Forgiveness, a Memoir

If you are headed out of town for the 4th be sure to stop by and grab the new book written by Robin Brown of Glitter Saints: The Cosmic Art of Forgiveness, a Memoir.
We ask customers each day if they have heard of Magnolia Pearl and Robin Brown as they admire her amazing clothing line in the store. Look forward to reading her new book this weekend as we love her creative soul and her clothing as she portrays each piece as a unique work of art. Truly amazing!
$19.99 Each
“My parents both left this planet covered in glitter. Death came for each of them right in the middle of what they were working on. As I held and kissed them for the last time, patches of glitter transferred to my hands and face like tiny passed torches. For as much as the grief burned, there was no getting around it-the light that had been on them was now on me.
In the grand scope of things, glitter may not seem like much. But in a way, it’s everything: a responsibility to infinity, to reflect the spark at the heart of it all.”
-Robin Brown.
The first book to quilt the spirit of a wildly successful international clothing brand among the scraps of childhood trauma, Glitter Saints is the story of Robin Brown, creator of Magnolia Pearl. It’s a mining of tragedy for the kind of magic that creates and sustains - a sharp-eyed, soft-hearted, stubborn hope that’s the rarest raw material.